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It’s like Sex and the City all over again: four girls, four very different styles, which one are you? Yet, this time round, it’s not about Manolos and Fendi bags. It’s about real girls living in Brooklyn, with unglamorous jobs, loser boyfriends and normal flats, dressing well on normal budgets.

In terms of style, we love watching the free-spirited, perpetually bored-looking Jessa. From the moment she stepped out of the cab – all Vuitton luggage, tribal-print scarf, fedora and velvet jacket – it was instant “who the hell is this chick?”. Her style – although kind of mismatched and crazy – has that car crash quality to it that is totally irresistible.

We love how she’s a (bad) nanny running after brats in sky-high platforms. We’re mad about the wide-legged pants and the see-through dress with neon underwear (oh, and dark pink kimono with pompoms). We love the crazy feather outfit that makes her look like a high-fashion owl. We even love the boho thing even though it’s SO over.

Jessa might not be Carrie by personality but the character is classic Carrie in that we can’t wait to see what strange-yet-wonderful concoction she’ll wear next. And who knows, maybe soon we’ll all wear ditsy-print curtain-like dresses and put our hair up in a bun with a pencil.


Images: High Snobette, Nashville SceneThe New Yorker and Black Book Mag




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