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Sunday night’s Emmy Awards had its usual share of gorgeous dresses, power couples and wardrobe malfunctions (Sophia Vergara was the, er, butt of jokes) but what we’ll remember about this year will be a bit of a fascination with hands.

Firstly, hands were firmly in pockets. This has been going on for years – evening gowns with pockets seem to be totally acceptable these days. And what could be greater? Somewhere to stick your gum/lip gloss/acceptance speech, or your hands when you don’t know where to put them ­– or perhaps Angelina’s awkward leg? (remember the Oscars?!). Plus, it instantly makes a star look all “I’m wearing priceless couture but I look like I’m hanging out at the market, picking out melons.” What do you think of this trend? Death to pockets or pocket-me-some?

Michelle Dockery

Julianna Margulies

Secondly, we loved E’s cute Mani Cam (joining the 360° Glam Cam and Stiletto Cam), where slebs could show off their pretty manicured nails like extras in an old Yellow Pages commercial. Zooey Deschanel brought it with little TV sets on her thumbs (apparently done by ‘nail boy to the rich and famous’, Tom Bachik) while Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland was a true natural, even putting a bit of swagger into her tiny trip down the finger runway.

Meanwhile, Kelly Osbourne got everyone talking with her completely OTT manicure, made with black diamond nail polish that costs $250,000 for just one bottle! Released last month, the only other person who has worn it to date is (of course) the Queen Bee of Bling: J Lo.

So there you have it: GlamCam, Stilletto Cam and Mani Cam. What’s next? Pocket Cam? Purse Cam? Watch this space…

Zooey Deschanel


Kelly Osbourne


Images: Daily Mail, Fashionable Things, Time Inc and Northern Cal

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